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 Pressure drainage systems
   This type of waste water disposal is a special sewage technology and is especially appropriate for widely spaced residential areas, recreation developments or outside cities, with unfavorable topography conditions, high level ground water or difficult soil conditions.
   The pressure drainage method is a separating system, where waste water is drained separately from the rain water.

  Costs are decisive:
   The pressure drainage system is the alternative economic solution to the conventional gravitational system, mainly for small and medium localities. This system is simple, fast, irrespectevly of the undulations of the land and, thus, inexpensively. The economic efficiency, safety in operation and compatibility with environment represent decisive criteria which already determined many communal administrations to adopt this system. Not only investment costs of pressure drainage systems are extremely advantageous; urban sprawl, long routes for the sewers, unfavorable topography or poor soil conditions are points which speak in favour of using pressure drainage. The operation costs are also low, depending on the conditions of application. This is proved by the comparative analysis of the systems, made by the Working Group of the Federal States on Water - Germany (LAWA) in the conditions of applying the "guidelines for conducting dynamic cost comparisons", proves this by means of a clear cost structure.
   Investment costs, operating expenses and service life were taken into account. The prerequisite for objectively comparing the systems is that the comparison be carried out for the same stage of planning.