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 Solar collectors
   In partnership with CHROMAGEN company - Israel, GRUP ROMET offers solutions for water and space heating (solar collectors, complex systems, heating pumps) adapted to any working conditions and applications.
   Established in 1962, Chromagen is known in over 40 countries for its capacity of satisfying water heating needs with durable, environmentally friendly solutions.
   If you wish to replace the old conventional heating systems with a modern and cost saving one, GRUP ROMET offers the right solution for hot water production in residences, hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, beech showers and campings, for completing the heating stations in autumn, winter and spring time, as well as the cooling systems during summer.
   The versatile solutions for different systems meet highest standards. The high quality materials and exceptional labor ensure durability and perfect operation of heating systems.

  Made of selected materials, by latest technique, the solar collectors are highly efficient, durable; environmentally friendly, versatile, high performance products, suitable for hard working conditions.
  They are excellent cost effective solutions, in full agreement with the international standard requirements.

  Available in a range of sizes up to 300 liters, the tanks may be: solar storage tanks with double jacket heat exchanger and double spiral water tanks.

  The forced circulation systems use electrical pumps, valves and control equipment for recirculating water or other heat transfer fluids through the solar collectors. This enables a high flexibility in positioning the system components (for example the tank may be installed in a basement).

  The most reliable, cost saving and efficient solar heating system, needing few maintenance operations. It provides hot water after only a few hours of solar radiation. This system is ideal to assure the hot water needs of one family.

  The hot water from solar collectors heats the main exchanger containing domestic water. The extra energy is driven to the buffer tank by the secondary heat exchanger. The buffer tank contains the necessary hot water for space heating, through the under floor installation or radiators.